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Hello, and welcome to Pastel-Petshop!

Pastel Petshop is a group that features adoptables of all varieties, all conforming to pastel color palettes. Pastels are light, soft, milky colors that often evoke feelings of calm and comfort. While we love all adopts or 'pets', Pastel Petshop was founded to only feature those adoptables which follow this theme.
If you're confused about what qualifies as pastel colors, here're some examples:

While we have "pet shop" in our name, this group features all manner of creatures, from animals to aliens. If it's pastel, and it's up for adoption, we'd love to feature it here!

On the first day of each month Pastel Petshop will post a blog featuring adopts that have been in the group for an extended period of time in an effort to help them find a good home, as well as those adopts which did find loving homes during the month prior.

Pascal the Cat, the little blue cutie you see above, is Pastel Petshop's mascot~

If you're interested in helping upgrade the group to Super, you can donate to this account: pastelpetshop-donate

If you're interested in affiliating with this group, please drop one of the admins a note. We're interested in groups which have a similar love for pastel colors, as well as particularly adorable adopt groups and original species groups~

Pastel Petshop's icon was designed by Sugary-Stardust.

Please read the rules carefully before posting.

Be kind to eachother! Please do not use unkind words against one another, behave rudely, or engage in any arguments. It would be inappropriate to break out into a fight in the middle of a real-life pet shop, so please don't do it here either!

You must be a member to submit your adopts to our gallery, but of course you need not be a member to watch the group or to buy any of the adopts posted here!

Do not submit anything to this group that is not open for adoption!

Do not submit anything to this group that is not using a pastel color scheme! If you're submitting batch adopts, there needs to be more pastel colors than not - about 75/25. It's ultimately up to the admins to decide whether or not the piece is 'pastel enough' for the group.

Do not repeatedly remove and resubmit pieces to the group.

This group does not accept YCH (your character here) or custom adopts.

This group does not accept aesthetic adopts unless every image used is properly sourced/credited/cited.

This group does not accept adopts made with creator games like DreamSelfy and Mega Anime Avatar Creator.

This group does not accept gore, nudity, or mature artwork! If a piece has a mature tag on it, whether it's for nudity or gore, we will not accept it to our group. If the work is not tagged as mature but is still clearly mature, we still will not accept it. "Barbie doll" anatomy - or smooth, featureless nudity - is fine.

Pay attention to the folder descriptions to ensure that you submit to the correct one! While we don't mind moving a few submissions around here and there, maintenance gets tedious if you're constantly submitting to the wrong folders. If you're really not sure which folder your submission belongs in, use your best judgement - we'll move it if it needs to be moved. If you're submitting a batch of adopts that fall under more than one category, you can submit them to multiple folders, or you can just submit them to one folder and we'll copy them to another folder if they also fall under that folder's category.

Please follow all of the above rules! If you're found to be repeatedly in violation of these rules, you will be banned from the group.

Please read the folder descriptions carefully before posting.

The descriptions contained within the folders themselves have more in depth descriptions - please read them fully!

Featured - This folder is required to be in place by deviantART, but it has no real use here, so at this time we ask that you don't submit here!

Free to Good Home - This folder is for adoptables of any type that are completely free!

Raffle Adopts, Mystery Adopts, OTA, and DTA - This folder is for any adopts that are being raffled or given away through a lottery, mystery adopts like eggs and gachas, and any adopts that are "OTA" or "Offer to Adopt", or are "DTA" or "Draw to Adopt".

Cute Critters - These folders are for adoptables resembling animals or other such creatures that are more than likely not bipedal.

Huggable Humanoids - These folders are for adoptables resembling humans, kemonomimis, or other bipedal creatures that are more human than animal or alien.

Adorable Anthros - These folders are for adoptables that qualify as anthropomorphic animals or "furries".

Cuddly Creatures - These folders are for adoptables resembling aliens or monstrous humanoids.

Sweet Boutique - These folders are for adoptable clothing and accessories.

Bulletin Board - This folder is for posting journal entries. They can be about open commissions, raffles, trading or selling adopts or OC's - really so long as they're not personal journal entries, it's fine to post them here. These don't need to be about anything specifically pastel.

Monthly Feature - Needing to be Adopted - This folder is for admin use only.
This folder is for the monthly blog feature of adopts still in need of homes. Adopts that have been open and in the group for over a month will be copied to this folder, and featured once a month in a blog post until they have been adopted.

Monthly Feature - Adopted - This folder is for admin use only.
This folder is for the monthly blog feature showcasing adopts that have already found homes. The folder will be purged once a month, after the blog feature. All adopts in this folder are CLOSED.









We like to affiliate with groups that feature cute species, and groups which have a similar pastel theme~!

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What folder should I submit this too? :3 There doesn't seem to be any folders for auctions or point adopts. Ribbon Maid (Adopt)
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Thank you for submitting my adopt into your group ; v ;
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Thank you for the submit!!Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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CuteWish Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
''Strawbeary'' Doughnut Wishful || Auction [OPEN] by CuteWish
If it's an auction and the SB is less than half of $10, but the AB is more than $10, does it go in "above" or "under"? :o
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